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Picture of Tony Griffitts in Bora Bora

Tony Griffitts has been in the hobby since 1971 when he received a 5 gallon Metaframe aquarium as a Christmas present.  Tony has bred and raised many species of aquarium fish which include livebearers, anabantoids, cichlids, koi, and goldfish.

Tony is a well known Discus expert, having raised and sold them wholesale and retail for 12 years.

Tony is also an accomplished marine hobbyist, having spawned Coral Cats (Plotosus lineatus), Banggai Cardinals (Pterapogon kauderni), Jawfish (Opistognathus aurifrons), Catalina Gobies (Lythrypnus dalli), and many Damselfish and Clownfish. 

Tony designed, built and operated a retail aquarium store for over 5 years.  During the time as a shop owner, he took a great interest in fish health and disease.  Tony has developed many techniques for treating freshwater and saltwater fish diseases and conditions.

Tony is also an experienced SCUBA diver and snorkeler, having dove and snorkeled in many locations throughout the world. Tony's video clips have appeared on NAT GEO WILD channel's Blitzkrieg Sharks.

Tony has written many articles for the internet and aquarium club publications, and is the author of the eBook Mastering Freshwater Aquarium Ecosystems.

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Ben Thorton

Ben Thorton is the owner and main editor of T5Fixtures website. He is an avid gardening and lighting enthusiast and has many years of experience with many different lights. Since he knows how hard it is to truly understand lighting and how to use lights to your advantage, he wants to give his knowledge to those who want to learn about it.

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