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Synodontis multipunctatus


Dear Aquaworld,

We are considering starting a second tank in our home. My son would like to put a Synodontis multipunctatus (Cuckoo Synodontis) into this tank, but our present basic water hardness conditions do not seem to be correct for this catfish. According to our information this type of catfish needs a dH of 15-30 but we only have a dH of 7. How can we increase the hardness of our water?

Thank you.

Ingrid Holzman
Ellicott City, Maryland, USA


Dear Ingrid,

Synodontis multipunctatus comes from Lake Tanganyika and has adapted to hard alkaline water. You can increase the hardness by adding Cichlid Salt from SeaChem and increase the pH by adding their Tanganyikan Buffer that is specifically formulated for fish from that lake. SeaChem makes excellent products formulated for the African Rift Lake hobbyists. Check out their web site for more info on their products.

Tony Griffitts

Published - 20070727