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Ocean Clear 375 Filter with UV


Dear Aquaworld,

I've got a saltwater reef aquarium set up. I've got a refugium and a  protein skimmer, but I'm thinking about getting an Ocean Clear 375 filter  with UV. What have you heard about the performance of these filters? I'm just curious and I'm having a hard time finding any info on the net.


Denver, CO USA


Dear Ed,

Most reef tank hobbyist do not use canister filters, as they have a tendency to produce phosphate when they are not cleaned as often as they should be, because they are difficult to clean, and they will eventually leak.  The filter you are looking at will require a pump that can handle head pressure, because when the filter builds up with detritus it will create back pressure on the pump. If you do not use a pump that can handle back pressure, you can burn it up quickly.  If you need better particulate filtration, try using polyester fiber, filter floss, or a bag filter.  If you properly quarantine your new fish before introducing them to the reef tank (recommended even if you have a UV), you do not need a UV.  These filters are primarily used on aquariums that are designed to use closed loop filtration.  Generally, the aquarium is drilled on the bottom, and has the intake and the return plumbed through the bottom.  This was a common filtration design in the 1970's, but it is not used very often on new aquariums, as there are better, less problematic methods for filtering aquariums.

Tony Griffitts

Published - 20070605