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Trophy Discus Book

Trophy Discus

Book Review

By Tony Griffitts

Trophy Discus is a new discus book release in June 2007 authored by Dick Au, Sun See Seng, and Francesco Denitto.  Dick Au author of "Back to Nature Guide to Discus" teamed up with discus show judges from Europe and Singapore to write this book on selecting, and grooming show quality discus.  The book is printed by Cichlid Press, ISBN 978-1-932892-04-8, and retails for $29.50US.

This book is more than just how to pick a show quality discus, but also includes chapters on the history on development of discus strains, competition classes, environment and nutrition, discus genetics, raising discus artificially, judging, and has many photographs of show winning discus.

The authors go into detail on artificial raising of discus with many photos showing the process, and the equipment, leaving no information out. 

The photography is first class, and the information enlightening.  This book is a must have for any discus hobbyist.

Published - 20070803

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