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International Aquarium and Aqua Forest Aquarium

By Tony Griffitts

After the 2007 American Cichlid Association (ACA) convention was over I had to make a trip to the San Francisco Bay area to check out some aquarium small businesses I have been hearing about in Sacramento.  International Aquarium (AKA International Discus) in San Leandro and Aqua Forest Aquarium (AFA) in San Francisco.  International Aquarium gained notoriety at the ACA convention for winning the $1000 Grand Prize for the Grand Champion Discus, and AFA is the first aquarium store in the USA dedicated to the Takashi Amano "Nature Aquarium" concept.  The photo above is of one of the display tanks at AFA.

Discus at International Aquarium.

Photos taken at International Aquarium in San Leandro, CA.

International Aquarium, better known as International Discus to Discus hobbyist, is owned and operated by Louis Lam and Kenny Cheug.  I had the opportunity to meet both of them at the ACA 2007 convention in Sacramento.  They brought some truly amazing Discus to the show and ended up winning the Grand Champion Discus Prize with a Blue Diamond Discus.  Louis and Kenny invited me to see their facility in San Leandro, California where they have a dry goods wholesale business and a Discus holding facility.  International Aquarium imports Tony Tan Discus from Maylasia, Wayne Ng Discus from Hong Kong,  as well as other high quality Discus from other parts of Asia.  The Discus are sold through their web site "International Discus" as well as a retail store International Aquarium in Oakland, CA.  The Discus room is made up of 55 gallon (210 l) aquariums that hold hundreds of high quality Discus.  All of the Discus look to be in excellent health, and the tanks are very clean.  All tanks have their own sponge filter as well as a hang on the tank power filter.  If you want high quality Discus for your aquarium, International Discus is one business I would look to buy from.

Photos taken at Aqua Forest Aquarium, San Francisco, CA.

A few photos from Aqua Forest Aquarium in San Francisco, CA.

A couple of years ago I had heard about a new aquarium store in San Francisco that had opened up that caters to planted aquarium hobbyist from a customer of mine at the time.  I took the opportunity of my recent trip to the bay area to check out Aqua Forest Aquarium.  AFA is owned and operated by George and Steven Lo.  The planted aquarium displays have an Amano style look to them and are very well maintained.  Their retail plant selection is the most diverse I have seen in an aquarium store.  AFA sells a complete line of Aqua Design Amano (ADA) products at their store as well as on the web site.  AFA also offer residential and business service for customers interested in the art of planted aquariums.   If your in the San Francisco area, this store is a must see.

Published - 20070910

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